Tech Days 2016

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November 1st | November 2nd | November 3rd

Technology Days 2016

  Tuesday November 1st, 2016

Presenter Title Company
Government Technology Needs (OPEN)
00 Stahl Welcome NASA
01 Siegler Mirror Technology Needs for Exoplanet Exploration Program including Decadal Studies (HabEx, LUVOIR, etc.) JPL
02 Thronson NASA Mirror Technology Needs for Cosmic Origins and Physics of Cosmos Program NASA
03 Bolcar Technology Needs for the Large UV/Optical/Infrared (LUVOIR) Surveyor Decadal Mission Concept Study NASA
04 Cohen Status, Development Plan and Challenges for the XRS Optics SAO
SBIR Workshop (OPEN)
05 Lewis SBIR Program Updates Relevant to the 2017 Solicitation JPL
06 Shaklan SBIR Topic S2: Advanced Telescope Systems JPL
07 Stahl SBIR Subtopic S2.03 Advanced Optical Systems and Fabrication/Testing/Control Technologies for EUV/Optical and IR Telescope overview NASA
08 Shiri SBIR Subtopic S2.04 X-Ray Mirror Systems Technology, Coating Technology for X-Ray-UV-OIR, and Free-Form Optics overview NASA
SBIR Commercialization Success (OPEN)
09 Sheikh Phase II final results/Commercialization status, Low-Stress Silicon Cladding for Surface Finishing Large UVOIR Mirrors ZeCoat
Mirror Technology (OPEN)
10 Fischer Ultra-Stable Zero-CTE HoneySiC and H2CMN Mirror Support Structures Fantom Materials
11 Fischer CVC SiC Thermally Insensitive Telescope Development Fantom Materials
12 Harrison Additive Manufacturing of Telescope Mirrors ASRC Federal
13 Easter Large-Scale Molded Silicon Oxycarbide Composite Components for Ultra-Low Cost, Lightweight Mirrors Semplastics
14 Casstevens Additive Manufactured Very Light Weight Diamond Turned Aspheric Mirror DOS
15 Han TIF and material removal characteristics of SiC mirror materials KASI
16 Lawson Freeform Monolithic Multi-surface Telescope Manufacturing Optimax
17 Seibel Advances in SiC manufacturing enabling novel optical systems NGC
18 Catanzaro Rib stiffened sandwich panels using aluminum, silicon carbide, and beryllium for lightweight telescope structures CFE
19 Monroe Allvar Tailored CTE Materials Thermal Expansion Solutions
X-Ray Mirror Technology (OPEN)
20 Zhang Lightweight and High-resolution Astronomical X-ray Optics Using Single Crystal Silicon NASA
21 Hardesty Matching NiP on Be-38Al for Low Temp Mirrors Peregrine
22 Tyurina BeatMark Software to Reduce the Cost of X-Ray Mirror Fabrication by Optimization of Polishing and Metrology Second Star Algonumerix

Wednesday November 2nd, 2016

Presenter Title Company
Telescope Technology (OPEN)
23 Young Gondola for High Altitude Planetary Science (GHAPS) Optical Telescope Assembly NASA
24 Sankar Progress towards high-dimensional-stability telescope for gravitational wave detection NASA
Optical Design (OPEN)
25 Papa Starting Points for Designing Freeform Four-Mirror Telescopes U Rochester
26 Schiesser Sensitivity analysis comparison of unobscured TMA: free-form vs co-axial U Rochester
Optical Fabrication Technology (OPEN)
27 Mohring 6-Axis UFF Platform Axis Configurations to Optimize Mandrel Surface Finishing OptiPro
28 Alberts Ormond SBIR Phase 2:  Abrasive waterjet core cutting of ULE Ormond
Optical Metrology Technology (OPEN)
29 Balonek Quantitative measurement of mid-spatial frequency error using a test plate Harris
30 Olczak Versatile metrology solution using a large holographic stitching technique Harris
31 Ebersole High Performance Computing (HPC)-Accelerated Inverse Deflectometry for Mirror Segment Metrology – Update SURVICE Eng
32 DeFisher New Developments in the Non-Contact Metrology of Freeform Surfaces OptiPro
33 Masterson Phase Reconfigurable Nulling Interferometer Boulder Nonlinear
34 Stahl Overview & Status NASA
35 Mathews Fabrication of 1.5 meter ULE Harris
36 Eng Schott ELZM Test results NASA
37 Brooks Schott ELZM Thermal Model Predictions and Correlation NASA
38 P Stahl AMM Status and 4-meter Primary Mirror Point Design NASA
39 M Stahl Coronagraph WFE Stability Modeling NASA
Predictive Thermal Control (OPEN)
40 P Stahl Predictive Thermal Control NASA
41 Eng How to get a mirror thermal tested at MSFC NASA
Optical Coatings (OPEN)
42 Quijada FUV reflectance of recently prepared aluminum mirrors protected with AlF3 NASA
43 Bala Mirror coatings for large UV to NIR telescope mirrors JPL
44 Sheikh Coating Mirrors in Space ZeCoat
45 Allred Measuring the optical constants of AlF3 from 56 to 13 nm BYU
46 Allred Understanding the degradation mechanisms of bare aluminum mirrors via VUV and EUV reflectance BYU

Thursday November 3rd, 2016

Presenter Title Company
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEp) Technology (OPEN)
47 Shaklan Coronagraph with Segmented Aperture Study JPL
48 Demers Technology Development Update for First High-Contrast Space Coronagraph JPL
49 Shaklan Starshade Technology Status JPL
50 Kim Optical Demonstrations of a Starshade at Flight Fresnel Number Princeton
51 Harness High-contrast astronomy with starshades U Colorado
Deformable Mirror Technology (OPEN)
52 Helmbrecht MEMS Deformable Mirror Development at Iris AO Iris AO
53 Ryan Recent progress in developing high actuator count MEMS DMs BMM
Wavefront Sensing and Control  (OPEN)
Mirror Technology (ITAR)
Mooney Constructed core mirror Harris
Mooney 3D Printed, lightweight mirror architecture Harris
Kuhn Verification of High Performance, Radiation Hardened Optical Coatings and Mirror Technology Opt-E
Kuhn Pre/Post Exposure Optical Performance Characterization of High Performance Radiation Hardened Optical Components and Systems Opt-E
James Webb Space Telescope (ITAR)
Atkinson OTE Alignment, Integration and Deployments NGC
Daly OTIS Mechanical Integration Harris
Keski-kuha Pathfinder Results and OTIS Test Plan NASA
Chaney JWST Pathfinder Optical Results BATC

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